About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Tanner Cude and this blog documents my journey into the world of home-labbing.

A bit about me — I am originally from the DFW area but have spent most of my life in Lubbock, Texas. After graduating from high school, I chose to attend West Texas A&M University.  I graduated in May of 2019 with a degree in Computer Information Systems.  

After graduating college, I moved back down to Lubbock and took a job with United Supermarkets, a company I did multiple internship stents with during the summers through college.  I currently work on the CoE team, which handles Infosec, architecture, and many other aspects of IT within the company. On top of my responsibilities on the CoE team, I’m also over the day to day operations and SaaS migration of an application called Interstore.

While I do learn some at work, I don’t want my knowledge to be limited to what I encounter and experience at my job. With this pandemic leading to us all spending more and more time indoors, I figured this was the perfect time to really get into building some skills that could help me continue to build a solid foundation for my career.

In this blog, I will walk through many of the homelab projects I’m working on to better my career skills. My goal in this is to not necessarily build up an audience of readers, but to document my work as a quasi portfolio to show what I am capable of. If you’re reading this for educational purposes, I hope you find it helpful!