Career Update

While this post is long overdue, I wanted to make a quick update covering some exciting developments that have been unfolding behind the scenes in my career.

Back in May, I was fortunate enough to secure a string of interviews with a financial technology company that led to my new position as a DevOps Engineer.  Leaving my previous employer was a very difficult decision to make but I felt that transitioning jobs might open up the paths, opportunities, and exposure that I've been yearning for.  These aspirations for my new role have come to fruition and I have thoroughly enjoyed my new position.  I am fortunate to be on a solid team of leaders and mentors and feel that I have grown tremendously over the last three months or so, leading to even more excitement for my future as a DevOps Engineer.

Additionally, and even more relevant to the typical content of this blog, I truly feel that what I have learned in my lab is what helped me secure my new role.

If you happen to be in a position similar to the one that I was previously in, wanting to grow and advance your career through supplemental learning in your homelab, I hope these words are an incentive to keep it up.  It pays off and is incredibly rewarding when your job revolves around some of the same technologies you tinker with in your free time for fun!