Visualizing Storage Usage on Linux with NCDU

Visualizing Storage Usage on Linux with NCDU

This will be another quick read but I wanted to share a neat tool I found recently.

The other day, I was SSH'd into my Plex/game server and noticed that my disk usage was at a less than comfortable percentage of free space, which raised the question: What is using all of this storage and how can I easily identify the culprit?

After some research, I found NCDU to be a great tool for this purpose. It's packaged in many common distros so there's a decent chance you you can get up and running with it with ease but if you can't, feel free to visit their site here for more instruction.

Simply running 'ncdu' will bring up the following information in your terminal, showing your directories sorted from largest to smallest. Navigating within them is as simple as using the arrow and enter keys.

From here, it just took a bit of digging around to find that a plugin for a game server had started to eat up a large amount of my precious SSD storage. Looks like I'll be removing that one for now!

Anyway, as you can see, NCDU is a lightweight, easy to use tool to see what is using your storage. I hope you find it as useful as I have.

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