Updating Ghost

Updating Ghost

It's obviously important to keep things up to date for a plethora of reasons so I wanted to do a quick write up on how to update Ghost, a blogging platform that's running the site you're reading now.

To start the update process of Ghost, we'll go ahead and backup our current /content directory. If you followed my installation guide, your /content/ directory should be located in /var/www/ghost.

Once you've navigated to /var/www/ghost, you'll want to create a new directory here called /backups/. Here, we'll be backing up our /content/ folder before updating Ghost.

We'll run the following command to copy /content/ to /backup/, effectively creating a backup.

cp -r content backup/content

Once done, you're able to update Ghost with the following command:

ghost update

You should get an output similar to the following:

That's all there is to it! If you end up having any issues, you can rollback with:

ghost update --rollback